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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pallet Truck is of high quality engineering and heavy-duty most used in the construction. It is an economical solution for handling heavy loads. And with its simple mechanism a single person can handle up to a load of 3 tons with ease. Our Pallet Truck Manufacturers at Ferro Tiger design the equipment to adjust an extensive variety of repositioning and movement between building and transportation material. This versatile workhorse will contribute greatly to improve material handling in shop floor and will save time and labour and also ensures safety of your men and material.

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Applications Of Pallet Truck

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Features Of Pallet Truck

  • Heavy Duty, Rugged & Robust construction
  • Pallet Truck body is made from 5 mm thick MS sheet
  • Total Weight of TIGER Pallet Truck is 110 Kg
  • Extra Wide Fork of 175mm For Extra Stability & Support
  • Spherical Bearing on main piston head & taper bearing on bottom shaft for smooth rotating movement.

Safety For Pallet Truck

  • Smooth lowering is assured by means of hand operated flow control valve that regulates lowering speed irrespective of load. Over load protection
  • High limit valve allows the by-pass at full lift and guards against annoying top jamming. Mechanical maintenance locks
  • Oscillating Front axle ensures permanent four point ground contact which ensures stability of the pallet truck under load.
  • Drawbar counter – balanced by spring returns in upright position when truck is not in use, eliminating risk of accident due to obstructing handle bar
  • Closed loop handle protects the hands and prevents catching of clothes and other objects

Specification For Pallet Truck

Model Capacity Fork Length "L" Width Over Fork"B" Lowered Height Lift
HP-22-A 2000 / 2500 / 3000 1120/1500/1800 560mm 200mm 90mm
HP-22-B 2000 / 2500 / 3000 1120/1500/1800 685mm 200mm 90mm
HP-22-C 2000 / 2500 / 3000 1120/1500/1800 450mm 200mm 90mm
HP-22-D 2000 / 2500 / 3000 1120/1500/1800 520mm 200mm 90mm
Beam Trolley 1000 2000/2200 mm 960mm 200mm 90mm

FORK LENGTH: Alternative 960,1200, 1500, 1800mm

WHEELS: Standard Ultra High Molecular Polymer Wheels fitted with double sealed ball bearing or with choice of Cast Iron Wheel or Polyurethane Wheel at extra cost.

OPTION: Tandem roller.

Customized fork length and width available on request.