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Reach Up

Mobile Aerial Work platform

Reach Up

Reach Up is a compact push-around mobile aerial work platform which works efficiently and effectively. It saves time, man power & money on overhead maintenance; fits through standard doorways & lifts, navigates with ease in tight spaces and elevates persons with tools up to working height of twelve meters with a touch of a button. We, the manufacturers of Mobile Aerial Work Platform use aerial devices for raising work stage, pail truck, mobile hoisting work stage or aerial lift is a mechanical gadget used to give brief admittance to individuals or hardware on the zones where it is very difficult to reach. Reach Up eliminates risk associated with ladders, steps & scaffolds and is ideally suited for working at heights in industry, hotels, malls, hospitals, retailers, airports, places of worship & offices.

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  • Applications


  • Applications


  • Applications


Applications Of Reach Up

  • Over head installations & maintenance.
  • Ceiling fixing , repair & changing of lights
  • Electrical wiring & AC duct installation
  • Assembly & maintenance of machines
  • Maintenance of EOT cranes
  • Fixing of Banners
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Overhead house keeping
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Features Of Reach Up

  • Push button control on platform
  • Compact & Easy maneuverability
  • Fits through std doors & lifts
  • Non marking Wheels
  • In built battery & battery charger
  • Slide out battery tray
  • Lifting hooks & Fork lift pockets

Safety For Reach Up

  • Hose burst valve
  • Over load protection
  • 1.1 m high guard rail with toe guard
  • Anti slip top platform
  • Wide base with lockable wheels
  • Auto close swing entry gate
  • Mechanical maintenance locks
  • Emergency lowering valve


Specifications Reach Up - 3 Reach Up - 4 Reach Up - 5
Capacity 200kg (1 person + tools) 200kg (1 person + tools) 300kg (2 person + tools)
Max Working Ht 5m (16ft) 6m (19.5ft) 7m (23ft)
Max Platform Ht 3m 4m 5m
Min Platform Ht 0.8m 0.9m 1m
Platform size (LxB) 1.2m x 0.6m 1.2m x 0.6m 1.5m x 0.8m
Overall Dimensions (LxBxH) 1.3m x 0.7m x 1.9m 1.3m x 0.7m x 2m 1.7m x 0.8m x 2.1m
Ground Clearance 50mm 50mm 75mm
Wheel Size 250mm x 50mm 250mm x 50mm 300mm x 65mm
Raise & Lower Time 20 sec 25 sec 30 sec
Motor - Battery 1.2kW – 12V 100Ah 1.2kW – 12 V 100AH 2.2kW – 24 V 100Ah

Specifications subject to change | Tailor made equipment available on request