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We offer a wide range of hydraulic Goods Lifts, for lifting of the material from one level to another levels having the capacity up to 3000kgs, and up to height of 6 Mtr. We, the Goods Lifts Manufacturers at Ferro Tiger are constantly planning and mounting the appropriate goods lift in the capital of Karnataka for many years and each venture required proper know-how management for us to settle ourselves in the industry.

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Specification For GOODS LIFT

  • Name : Goods Lift
  • Capacity : 500 kg
  • Platform Size : 2.0m x 1.2m
  • Max Height : 6.0 M
  • Customer : Himalaya Drug Company,
  • Name : Goods Lift
  • Capacity : 2500 kg
  • Platform Size : 5000 mm x 3000 mm
  • Max Height : 7700 mm
  • Customer : TVS Motor, Hosur

Specifications subject to change | Tailor made equipment available on request